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Advance Care Planning & Technology

It’s National Advance Care Planning Week (1-5 April, 2019) and in our training, we talk about how you can now upload an Advance Care Plan to My Health Record which means, hopefully, the patient’s wishes will be easily accessible when needed.

We are often asked the following questions in regard to Advance Care Plans:

  1. Why don’t healthcare providers have Advance Care Plans on their list of My Health Record documents in the clinical software like Event Summaries & Shared Health… Continue reading

Spotlight on Success Series No.1 – Military Psychiatry

I am fortunate to work with some absolute heroes in Australian health and one of my 2019 goals is to share success stories from the coalface with you.

My spotlight this week is on Dr Grahame Pohlen, (Psychiatrist) and his wonderful wife ‘Sister Marie’. I have worked with this most amazing couple for over 10 years and they have just retired. I could not let this occasion pass without a shout out of appreciation to them for their extraordinary contribution… Continue reading

Christmas 2018 blog

Merry Christmas & Reflections on 2018

As I prepare for my 56th flight of the year to return home for a Christmas break I reflect on the reasons why 2018 has been one of my favourite years in this 12th year of running my business. For me the reason is the connection to people.

No doubt the  reason I am feeling even more connected to people this year is because we did more consulting, more in-practice and online customised… Continue reading

US ‘person-centred’ study tour part 3: New York

What an incredible experience New York was! Visits included 2 Urgent Care centres, 4 Pharmacies (which have to be seen to be believed), a Physical Therapy centre (Physio) and the famous Mount Sinai hospital. From my 3-state tour I now have 35 pages of notes (and 400 photos) but to summarise, my top 5 learnings were:

  1. Health care roles are evolving  It is common for patients to see at least 3 clinicians in one visit. A patient in the… Continue reading

US ‘person-centred’ study tour part 2: Georgia

I am very privileged to be on this US ‘person-centred’ study tour (see prelude & part 1 of tour here) with a clinician who  has worked half their life in Australia and half in Georgia, USA. They currently work in the US and have joined me on this tour which is both enlightening and also opening many extra doors, enabling detailed insights into US systems and the impact of recent large-scale patient-centred healthcare reforms.

Family and… Continue reading

US ‘person-centred’ study tour part 1: Honolulu

This is blog/report 1 of my October ‘person-centred’ US study tour. These blogs will be long as I condense many visits from each US state into weekly posts. See my facebook and twitter posts for regular commentary and onsite photos.

I am fortunate to have family living in the US who (although they think I am weird) have kindly allowed me to accompany them on their medical appointments and experience care from a patient perspective. I am also… Continue reading

Ensuring health equality for all

Way back in 1988 I worked in a homeless shelter in Atlanta, USA. I was young, naive and exploring the world. Staying with family living in Georgia, I was not allowed to work legally so I volunteered at a refuge for homeless women and children. It is an understatement to describe this experience as an eye-opening, ideal-shattering experience.

In the 4 months I worked at the shelter I met dozens of women and children who were homeless. Their stories were… Continue reading

‘Health Care Homes’ – alternative Australian models

Health Care Homes – Blog 4 of 4 part series

Most general practices we work in these days are struggling to remain viable whilst continuing to offer a high standard of healthcare. If they are still bulk billing it is not uncommon for doctors to see 50 patients per day and patients to wait over an hour to be seen. I am finding if practices are not already charging patients a gap fee they are talking about introducing one.… Continue reading

Health Care Homes – Success Stories so far

Health Care Homes – Blog 3 of 4 part series

It is really too early in the official Health Care Home trials to expect significant improvements in patient health outcomes. Many sites “took a while to get going” and some are still at the very beginning stage of registering patients. In last week’s blog I outlined technology and other challenges which have slowed progress.  This week however I want to share a few very early ‘success stories’.

Essentially,… Continue reading

Health Care Homes – Struggles and Successes

Health Care Homes – Blog 2 of 4 part series

In our last blog we talked about the official Health Care Home trials as well as ‘readiness’ sites (with their many and varied names).  The Train IT Medical team work with many practices across Australia who are official trial sites as well as practices actively involved with trialling innovative changes. We thought it is time we share some of the stories of successes and struggles – straight from… Continue reading

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