Digital Health Webinars for Allied Health Practitioners – delivered by Train IT Medical for Allied Health Professions Australia, Dec 2019

Designed for allied health specialties with principles that apply to all Australian Allied Health Professionals.
Webinar Learning Objectives:

1. Discuss current status of digital health in Australia.
2. List patients and use cases where digital health would play a role.
3. View summaries via My Health Record.4. Meet a Digital Health ‘champion’.
5. Develop a plan for integrating digital health in practice.

Access complete suite of additional resources (slides, on

Dietetics digital health policy templates
Dietetics digital health toolkit

Psychology digital health policy templates
Psychology digital health toolkit

Physiotherapy digital health policy templates – physiotherapy
Physiotherapy digital health toolkit


Watch an Occupational Therapy Digital Health Champion integrate use of electronic health record during a client home consultation

Video 1 (55 seconds): Watch OT Brooke upload an electronic event summary during a home visit to streamline communication across the patient care team.

Video 2 (1 min): Listen to Train IT Medical Principal Katrina Otto interview Occupational Therapist Brooke Colburn and ask how electronic health records have changed her practice.

Video 3 (1 min): Watch OT Brooke on a home visit discussing consent with her client to access their electronic health record.


Occupational Therapy Australia National Private Practice Symposium ‘Successful Strategies for Sustainable Business’ Invited Presentations by Katrina Otto

Leading your practice in a Digital Era for Occupational Therapists in Private Practice 
My Health Record – Implications for Occupational Therapists


Watch recorded Webinar 5: National Health Services Directory (NHSD) 



Download PowerPoint slides used in Webinar 5 presentation










Watch recorded Webinar 4: Digital Health & My Health Record for Allied Health Professionals 


Download PowerPoint slides used in Webinar 4 presentation

Top 10 Allied Health Professionals FAQs – My Health Record







Watch recorded Webinar 3: Clinical note-taking for Allied Health Professionals

Watch Webinar 3 recording
Download PowerPoint slides used in Webinar 3 presentation









Watch recorded Webinar 2: Contacts, Referrals & Secure Messaging for Allied Health Professionals

Watch Webinar 2 recording
Download PowerPoint slides used in Webinar 2 presentation











Watch recorded Webinar 1: Medical Software for Allied Health Providers


Whether you are new to computers, or simply new to My Health Record, at Train IT Medical we are here to help with technology use that benefits you, your business and your patients.

We work with all Health Professionals from those who are just looking for software to those who are very tech-savvy and looking for more improvements.
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Looking for Digital Health/My Health Record information?

Optometry Australia – Interview with Katrina Otto on My Health Record for Optometrists

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