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eReferrals, eRequests and Telehealth signature requirements

Summary from info published by Australian Department of Health
Ref 1 Legislation
Ref 2 Medicare Answers re Electronic Requests for Diagnostic Imaging Services 
Ref 3 Electronic requests for Pathology Services | Dept Health

Bulkbilling & Covid-19

Services Australia has advised that the mandatory requirement to physically print forms for patients will be suspended until further notice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The following forms will be exempt from current mandatory printing requirements:

  • Bulk Bill Assignment Advice (DB4 form)
  • Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) Printed Statements (D1216S)
  • In-patient Medical Claim (IMC) Patient Claim Consent and Declaration
  • Lodgement Advice
  • Patient Claim Interactive (PCI) Statement
  • Online Eligibility Check (OEC) Disclaimer
  • Statement of Claim and Benefit Payment
  • Pathology Combined Request form – Patient Claiming
  • Simplified Billing Assignment Claim form

 These forms should be signed, printed, stored or sent electronically where possible. There will be no audits conducted during this period.

 For questions about this please email directly to [email protected]. Thank you Medicare.

Medicare: Bulk bill payments to health professionals


Proposed upcoming changes re Patient Enrolment/Registration
Gps to get new MBS item number for patient enrolment – Australian Doctor
“The MBS payments will include a one-off sign-up rebate for enrolling the patient, followed by quarterly payments as part of their ongoing care.” Read Australian doctor article


Medicare free eLearning

Medicare Billing
Medicare Billing – Chronic Disease Management
Medicare Billing –  Skin Cancer 

Guide to Medicare for Indigenous Health Services
WIP – Workforce Incentive Program


If you are new to the Australian Health Care System or starting work in a medical practice read this first:  How it works – 

Article: Two different journeys through Australia’s health care system…here’s how health care works down under.


Item Number Guides and Summary Sheets

MBS Quick Guide | Australian Doctor | September 2020
Emergency COVID-19 telehealth items– Australian Doctor | September 2020
Billing Multiple MBS items | Medicare Education Guide | August 2020
Billing skin lesion treatment & biopsy items | Medicare Education Guide | April 2019
Reimbursement Fact Sheet – General Practice | Covui
Determining lesion size for MBS item selection | Medicare – June 2017
Skin Lesion Removal Complying with Medicare | MDA National
The 80/20 rule | Medicare
Workforce Incentive Program (previously PNIP)


Rules & Exceptions

Ask MBS FAQs for Non-GP specialist and consultant physician services (incl referral rules)  | pdf | Medicare | August 2020
Medicare rules in relation to printing bulk billing forms
Medicare rules in relation to bulk billing and private billing in the same consultation
Education Guide – Aftercare or post-operative treatment 
Change to aftercare claiming requirements for GP consultations – 2018
Education guide – Aftercare or post-operative treatment
Medicare rules related to signing vouchers or authorising Easyclaim transmissions
Medicare rules related to multi-item billing
Billing Chronic Disease Item Numbers with General Consultation Item Numbers
List of Medicare Reason Codes
Telehealth & MBS



PRODA eLearning – NB. Once you enter the ‘Doing Business with Medicare’ eLearning  there is a specific module for PRODA

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Surgical Partners

Surgical Partners integrates with popular practice management systems for accounting functions including allowing doctors to check their share of billings in real time using mobile app. Read more.

View on Youtube: Surgical Partners – Healthcare administration simplified


TyroTyro Integrated Easyclaims

Tyro Integrated Easyclaims offers features for both private billing and bulk-billing.

  • Works alongside Medicare Online;
  • Bulk billing in real time or you can still choose to batch
  • Patient rebates paid in 11 seconds.

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