Using email in general practice | pdf | RACGP

Privacy and security matrix | pdf | RACGP

Consent essentials | website | Avant Mutual

Informed consent and communicating information | article | Avant Mutual


Privacy & confidentiality 

Creating a Privacy Action Plan for your practice | pdf | Office of Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC)

Privacy for health service providers | website | OAIC

Privacy Compliance Indicators (download your action list for privacy in medical practices) | pdf | RACGP

Checklist for Privacy Reform Compliance | pdf | Avant

Australian Privacy Principles | website | Australian Government (OAIC)

Medical Records: What you absolutely must know | pdf | Avant Mutual

Avant privacy basics fact sheet | fact sheet | Avant Mutual

Privacy & managing health information in General Practice | guide | RACGP

Privacy Management Framework | website | OAIC

Read the Australian Privacy Principles | website | OAIC
The Privacy Act includes 13 Australian Privacy Principles (APP’s) that outline how we must handle, use and manage personal information.

Australian Government Guide to Securing Personal Information | website | OAIC

Information about how to transmit and store referrals or requests electronically | website | Services Australia

Legislation: Electronic Transactions Act 1999 | website | ComLaw

Compliance Indicators for the 13 Privacy Principles | pdf | RACGP


Cyber Security


Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme

– Office of the Australian Information Commissioner

“ obligation to notify individuals whose personal information is involved in a data breach that is likely to result in serious harm”.
“The Australian Information Commissioner must also be notified of eligible data breaches.”

‘Mandatory notifiable data breaches: New legislative requirements | RACGP

‘Dealing with the dangers of a digital world: New notifiable data breach scheme for Australia explained’ Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers 


63% of confirmed data breaches involved weak, default or stolen passwords

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