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ePrescribing in MedicalDirector Clinical

The way we prescribe is changing – are you ready? | MedicalDirector | Blog and Patient Education Video
Preparing your practice for ePrescribing | MedicalDirector | Checklist
Why a unified approach to ePrescribing roll-out is so crucial | MedicalDirector | blog


Flowcharts for MedicalDirector Clinical

Design your practice system with our helpful free samples & resources

Correspondence Management/Holding File


Recalls & Reminders

Sample Recall Management Protocol/Flowchart
Bulk Recall Cleanup
MedicalDirector learning resources
Sample Quality Improvement Activity
Train IT Medical ‘Recalls, Reminders & Screening’ using MD Presentation
Read our MedicalDirector Clinical Top 5 ‘Recalls & Reminders’ Tips



Shortcuts using the Management, Comment or Autotext functions in MD can save considerable typing time and increase the quality of clinical documentation. Use our sample shortcuts to prompt discussion and design of your own personalised shortcuts.

Shortcuts in MedicalDirector – Frequently Asked Questions – Train IT Medical
Shortcut samples for use in progress notes – Train IT Medical
Shortcut samples – Womens Health & Family Planning- Train IT Medical
Shortcut Samples – Skin Cancer – for use in progress notes
Autotext samples for Care Plans – for use in LetterWriter – Train IT Medical


Handy Summary Sheets:



MD Summary Sheet – Import templates – read before importing templates into MedicalDirector


Digital Health (eHealth) with MedicalDirector – see Digital Health Free Resources page


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PracSoft summary sheets – click here.

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