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Happy New Year!

Welcome Back! We hope you are having a great summer.

As we ease our way into this new year I thought I’d take a moment to look ahead in preparation.

Our business philosophy is that it is easier to keep up than catch up and I feel this will be vital in 2017 which will bring many more changes. With change comes the need for continual learning and improvements.

Here are just a few of the changes we’re thinking of as we prepare for the year ahead:

  • New accreditation standards with a focus on outcomes.
  • Re-design of the Practice Incentives Program with a focus on quality improvement and innovation.
    (Data will be a buzzword for 2017 so see our previous blog post here for tips on data cleansing).
  • There will be new data quality/analytic software tools available for us.
  • We will see the Healthcare Homes trials begin and an increased use of the My Health Record system.
  • More changes to the My Health Record system based on the results of the 2016 opt-in and opt-out trials.
  • We expect an increase in communicating directly with patients via secure portals/apps.
  • Major changes introduced via the release of new versions of MedicalDirector and Best Practice Software plus Allied Health & Specialist-specific programs and an increasing focus on cloud based software solutions.

Where there is change, there is a need to upskill and adapt. This is where we can help to reduce the amount of time it takes for you to learn what’s new and how it applies to you, your practice and your patients. We’ll be bringing you regular updates and resources on changes via our website, blog, facebook and twitter. So let’s keep on keeping up and please contact us if we can help in any way with your training needs.

With best wishes

Katrina Otto and the team at Train IT Medical


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