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Digital Health (eHealth) Free Resources

What’s New?

  1. Using filters when viewing My Health Record through MedicalDirector
  2. Help consumers with access controls
  3. ‘Freezing out the folks’ My Health Record and teenagers – The Conversation
  4. ‘Feds introduce privacy and record deletion amendments to My Health Record act’ – ‘My Health Records Amendment (Strengthening Privacy) Bill 2018 – Pulse IT
  5. Opt-out – read more – Dept Health

Get Started

  1. Log on to a test environment and see what My Health Record looks like. See consumer and practitioner views and explore privacy settings: On Demand Training Environment aka  ‘The Sandpit’.
     – 1st password is TrainMe, 2nd password is P@ssw0rd (that’s a zero not an O)
  2. Download the cheatsheets for your medical software (see MedicalDirector or Bp Premier sections below)
  3. Software Simulations – watch how My Health Record works in your software.
  4. Free My Health Record eLearning Modules

More helpful resources

  1. Top 30 eHealth questions doctors ask about My Health Record with Katrina Otto’s responses
  2. More FAQ’s with Katrina’s responses
  3. FAQs – Privacy & Policy
  4. Privacy & the My Health Record System
  5. AMA’s guide to use of My Health Record (PCEHR)
  6. Shared Health Summaries versus Event Summaries
  7. Sample Digital Health Practice Policy
  8. RACGP Information on My Health Record
  9. Cat4 Recipe to Identify the number of Shared Health Summaries uploaded by a practice
  10. Pen CAT4 – Viewing My Health Record registrations & uploads for your practice –  PowerPoint presentation from Central & Eastern Sydney PHN =
  11. Legislative Changes Summary – My Health Record
  12. ‘Change Management Strategies for Practice Managers’ Australian Association of Practice Managers (AAPM) & Australian Digital Health Agency Webinar:
    Designed & presented by Katrina Otto and David Schofield. Download slides or Read Q&A from webinar.
    For a copy of recorded webinar contact
  13. Meeting Accreditation Standards for Digital Health webinar recording – presented by Katrina Otto & Vanessa Halter


  1. Practice Incentive Payment Digital Health Incentive (ePIP)
  2. ePIP readiness checklist – Eastern Melbourne PHN


Best Practice Software:

  1. Bp Premier – Checking if your patients have a My Health Record Summary Cheatsheet
  2. Bp Premier – Checking if your patients have a My Health Record Video
  3. Bp Premier – Uploading a Shared Health Summary Cheatsheet
  4. Bp Premier – Upload a Shared Health Summary software demonstration (video) 
  5. Bp Premier – Upload a Shared Health Summary & Access your patient’s My Health Record
  6. Bp Premier – Upload an Event Summary Cheatsheet
  7. Bp Premier – Upload an Event Summary – video (recorded in real time)
  8. Bp Premier – Upload an Event Summary video – learn how to use this new feature
  9. How to upload a Shared Health Summary – watch the video
  10. Bp Premier Verify a Patients IHI summary sheet
  11. eHealth set-up guide from Best Practice Software website


MedicalDirector Clinical Software:

  1. MedicalDirector Clinical – Upload a Shared Health Summary Cheatsheet
  2. MedicalDirector Clinical – Upload a Shared Health Summary software demonstration (video)
  3. MedicalDirector Clinical – Upload an Event Summary
  4. MedicalDirector Clinical – How to upload a Shared Health Summary & Access your patient’s My Health Record
  5. MedicalDirector Clinical – Using filters in My Health Record
  6. Secure Messaging – Download the Summary Sheet for using Healthlink with MedicalDirector Clinical
    See more free MedicalDirector resources 


Sample Policies & ProceduresPractice Managers, medical, medical software, eHealth, MD, Best Practice

Sample policy
RACGP ePIP policy templates
More samples to help with creating your eHealth policies:

  1. Secure Messaging Delivery Policy Template
  2. Clinical Terminology Policy Template
  3. Transfer of Script Policy Template
  4. My Health Record Security and Access Policy Template


Genie, Communicare, Zedmed & Medtech videos and summary sheets available here 

Assisted Registration videos and summary sheets for Genie, Communicare, Zedmed, Medtech & Practix software click here 


Helpful Websites & Resources for My Health Record Preparation

Clinicians User Guide:


Allied Health – See new Allied Health Free Resources page

Pharmacy – Resources for Pharmacists using the My Health Record System

Telehealth – FAQs 


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