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The New eHealth Sandpit

Help prepare your practices for the next round of changes to the Practice Incentives Program eHealth Incentive (ePIP)

Do you have a patient in your medical software called Test Test? Most medical practices do. This is important when first learning software. When I started eHealth training more than 3 years ago I found doctors and staff in practices wanting a ‘test’ patient to practise the new process and to build confidence (before having to upload for the first time with the patient sitting next to you watching).

It was a stumbling block that we didn’t have easy access to online eHealth test patients but I am now pleased to announce we have. In IT education we call such a test/simulated environment, a ‘sandpit’. NEHTA has created a sandpit for us – called the On Demand Training Environment You can log onto this online test environment at any time from any internet connected device and access a test patient in either MedicalDirector, Best Practice, Genie or Zedmed software.

Are you currently receiving the ePIP payment?

The Health Minister spoke last week at the annual Health Informatics Conference (HIC) about more changes regarding ePIP payments linked to using eHealth. I have also heard of practices being audited and required to repay money from the previous ePIP payments for not complying to the 5 requirements. One of the 5 current requirements of the eHealth PIP is uploading shared health summaries.

So please spread the word that we now have this eHealth sandpit and see for yourself just how easy it is to access your patient’s PCEHR (soon to be renamed My Health Record) and upload a shared health summary.

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there” (Will Roger)

It’s a new era when it comes to health IT – we need to keep up! There have been major improvements in eHealth functionality over the past 3 years and I find people are often surprised at how much easier it is now. Plus, the exciting news that hospital staff are viewing those shared health summaries we upload (as well as sending electronic Discharge Summaries etc).

At the practice level hopefully we’ve come a long way too in cleaning up our databases in preparation for uploading good quality, helpful clinical documents to streamline patient care. If you need any help please call us at Train IT Medical, we are here to make your lives easier by providing training and consulting services direct to practices.

Free Learning Resources
Keep an eye on the free resources page on my Train IT Medical website as I am adding new resources regularly including printable 3 step eHealth summary sheets. You can also access software demonstration videos plus there is a wealth of information on Nehta’s website here.

Train IT Medical in the Press
I was recently interviewed again on the current state of eHealth in Australia. The article is called ‘On the Road with an eHealth Trainer’ – you can check it out here.

I will be on the road again soon and hope to see you at events across the country. In the meantime feel free to contact me if you need a helping hand with eHealth.

With best wishes



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