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  • Hi Katrina,

    Further to the voicemail left for you this morning, could you please advise whether or not your webinar will be of a general broad nature of more to demonstrate integration with the likes of BP and MD.
    Although I support a range of ACHS’ around NSW, the majority of them run Communicare – I would like to pass this on if of potential benefit to them as well.
    I will of course pass this on to the services running MD & BP.

    Thank you
    Darren Marcus
    Bila Muuji IT

  • Janet Cowell says:

    Hi Katrina
    I would like to register for this webinar.

  • Train IT Medical says:

    Hi Janet

    Here’s the link to register:

    Kind regards

  • Train IT Medical says:

    Hi Darren

    The webinar will be relevant to those using Communicare, BP or MD. I plan to keep it very general and touch on all the main conformant software so please invite everyone along.

    Click here to register:

    With kind regards

    Katrina Otto
    Principal (BEd, DipBus, Cert IV Training & Assessment TAE40110)
    Train IT Medical |
    T: 0424 580 286 | [email protected]

  • Jane Bollen says:

    Hi Katrina, you have really hit the nail on the head- data quality!
    Over the last 8months, I have just been involved in the Caretrack Kids project. I was a research surveyor for 30 GP practice and 10 paediatricans practices. We surveyed clinical records of 40 patients with some of the 19 childhood conditions in each practice. My area was SA north and south Adelaide as well as country. The study will be written up next year, but it gave me great insight into practices not knowing the functionality of their clinical software. I guess I have had a unique position being able to use so many different software packages in both general practice and specialist practices.
    Keep up the good work, I do enjoy your blog.

  • Dana Triffett says:

    I have been working in the opt out trial site in Mackay. I am relatively new to our NQ PHN from February. During this time I have learnt so much with engaging providers and with your knowledge and training particularly from your website. For me has been a very passionate journey to implement the MHR in our footprint. As part of the provider engagements your website has well received and appreciated as a great resource. Thank you for your continued support.
    Might see you again in the near future in our region.

  • Train IT Medical says:

    Your team up there in FNQ have done a wonderful job in the opt-out My Health Record trial and I can’t wait to read the final report. It must be nice for your practices now to have 98% of patients with a My Health Record – keep reminding them they are lucky as practices out of the trial areas do spend a bit of time now registering patients and often tell me they wish everyone already had a record. Thank you so much for your kind feedback about my services, it’s been my pleasure to play a small role and I hope to work with you again in 2017. Best wishes, Katrina

  • Train IT Medical says:

    Hi Jane, Thank you for your great feedback. We seem to share very common goals and I look forward to reading that Caretrack Kids project report. I am hoping there are opportunities for us to collaborate in future. Thanks again, Katrina

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