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Data Improvements

Improving health record quality in general practice – RACGP – 2019

Data Quality & My Health Record

Presentation: ‘Data Aggregation for Business and Clinical Quality Improvement’ – download presentation as delivered at NWMPHN Primary Care Conference, 2017.

Blog: ‘Data Aggregation’ blog – Train IT Medical 

Blog: ‘5 Steps to Data Quality Success’ – Train IT Medical 


PEN Computer Systems Clinical Audit Tools (PEN CAT4)

PENCAT4 Summary Sheet – 2017.v02 – Train IT Medical
Watch TopBar in action
PEN’s Clinical Audit Tools



MD Insights

About Practice Population Reporting: MedicalDirector Insights




Population Level Analysis and Reporting Tool – POLAR GP from Outcome Health uses health analytics to understand and respond to population health trends, identify specific patient cohorts for action, supports quality in
primary health services and provide insights into the local business drivers for general practice.

About Polar GP

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