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Allied Health Providers – Free Resources

Watch recorded Webinar 5: National Health Services Directory (NHSD) 



Download PowerPoint slides used in Webinar 5 presentation







Watch recorded Webinar 4: Digital Health & My Health Record for Allied Health Professionals 


Download PowerPoint slides used in Webinar 4 presentation

Top 10 Allied Health Professionals FAQs – My Health Record






Watch our latest Youtube videos with Brooke, Occupational Therapist:



















Watch recorded Webinar 3: Clinical note-taking for Allied Health Professionals

Watch Webinar 3 recording
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Video of a home visit and interview with Occupational Therapist, Brooke Colburn who talks about how long it took her to adjust to computerised clinical notes after 27 years of handwriting her notes.


In the video, Katrina accompanies Brooke on a home visit and interviews her to get her thoughts on questions such as:
· How did you adjust and how long did it take?
· What are the benefits of computerised notes?
· What was the most difficult thing going from paper notes to an electronic medical record?

· What was the most difficult thing going from paper notes to an electronic medical record?
· Does having a PC in the consultation work for every patient?
· How do you cope with collecting your notes when you can’t use a PC or tablet?
· How do you share event summaries/plans with other clinicians?



Watch recorded Webinar 2: Contacts, Referrals & Secure Messaging for Allied Health Professionals

Watch Webinar 2 recording
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Watch recorded Webinar 1: Medical Software for Allied Health Providers

Software Selection Assistance Tool
Software spreadsheet
Message from AHPA: We apologise for the delay in circulating the allied health software spreadsheet. It’s taken some time to finalise and we’ve been working to include a broad range of software options.
We will continue to update and expand the spreadsheet as software vendors make updates and provide information about their software.


Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) and its members are working to support allied health practices to better understand practice software and digital health technology.

This series of webinars was developed and funded to help practices know more about their software options, what benefits they might get from using practice systems, and how they might integrate different elements of digital technology into their practice. The webinars were held over the past few months and were available free to any allied health practitioner. Additional resources and webinar recordings will be made available to you as part of the project so check back regularly and visit


Whether you are new to computers, or simply new to My Health Record, at Train IT Medical we are here to help with technology use that benefits you, your business and your patients.

Train IT Medical presentation from Allied Health round table – 7 December 2016 – Katrina Otto










We work with all Health Professionals from those who are just looking for software to those who are very tech-savvy and looking for more improvements.
How can we help you?
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Optometry Australia – Interview with Katrina Otto on My Health Record for Optometrists

Click here to download the Allied Health Provider Checklist – Digital Health

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