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Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging is an important aspect of Digital Health. It enables secure communication of clinical correspondence Secure Messagingbetween health professionals. Unlike regular email which is not secure, with secure messaging documents are sent point to point which means letters or referrals are encrypted and sent directly to the recipient and are not stored anywhere else. Secure messaging is how many GPs currently receive pathology and radiology results, discharge summaries and now more and more Specialist letters are being sent via secure messaging.

What are the benefits to practices, providers and patients?

The benefits for practices are many and include: 

  • Fast message delivery and reduced handling
  • Eliminates scanning
  • Reduced costs to practice
  • Protects patient privacy as the message
  • Reduces risk

What solution is right for my practice?

In order to find the right Secure Messaging solution/s for your practice firstly find out which Secure Messaging Provider your contacts are using and then connect with the same providers as they use. 

Download our guide on Questions to Ask your Secure Messaging Provider

Secure Messaging Providers include:

Remember, you can use more than one secure messaging provider with your software.

MedicalDirector Clinical – Instructions for using MDExchange + HealthLink (MD)

Summary Sheet for using HealthLink with MedicalDirector Clinical – Train IT Medicall

MedicalDirector & HealthLink Quick Start Guide – HealthLink

Bp Premier & HealthLink Quick Start Guide – HealthLink

Genie for windows & HealthLink Quick Start Guide – HealthLink 

Genie for MAC & HealthLink Quick Start Guide – HealthLink

Bp Premier – instructions for using Medical Objects 

Calls to Axe the Fax in Primary Healthcare – Eastern Melbourne Primary Health Network. 

RACGP’s ‘Using Email in Practice Privacy & Security Matrix

Our goal is to help you streamline practice systems to make this process beneficial to you and your patients. Maximise efficiency of progressive technology with quality training.


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