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Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging is an important aspect of Digital Health. It enables secure communication of clinical correspondence Secure Messagingbetween health professionals. Unlike regular email which is not secure, with secure messaging documents are sent point to point which means letters or referrals are encrypted and sent directly to the recipient and are not stored anywhere else.

Why is it necessary?

In the digital age, most businesses are looking to reduce their reliance on paper and improve their efficiency while reducing costs. Secure Messaging systems are just one component of Digital Health that have proved to offer significant benefits to practices as they move us towards a more automated system of operation and reduce our reliance on paper based systems. Documents such as referrals, specialist letters and discharge summaries are commonly sent via secure messaging.

Read RACGP’s ‘Using Email in Practice Privacy & Security Matrix

Have we achieved interoperability?

No, not yet. Each practice should adopt the Secure Messaging system in use by the majority of their local health providers as the various Secure Messaging products are not compatible with each other. That means if your practice uses Argus and the specialist practice in the next suburb (to whom you frequently refer) uses HealthLink, then you are unable to communicate with each other electronically via Secure Messaging. To do this, you must both be using the same system.

Read Pulse IT’s article: “Light at the end of a long tunnel for secure messaging interoperability” – 2016

What are the benefits to practices, providers and patients?

Did you know that if you send more than 7 letters a week you could save money using Secure Messaging? With the recent increase in postage costs it is even more expensive to send mail via traditional methods. With the lengthened delivery times for standard mail now, when it comes to sharing medical information there could be significant risk with lengthy delays.

The benefits for practices are many and include: 

  • Fast message delivery and reduced handling
  • Eliminates scanning
  • Reduced costs to practice
  • Protects patient privacy as the message
  • Reduces risk

These benefits can result in significant cost savings for practices that implement secure messaging for incoming and outgoing communications.

What solution is right for my practice?

In order to find the right Secure Messaging solution/s for your practice firstly find out which Secure Messaging Provider your contacts are using and then connect with the same providers as they use. Download our guide on Questions to Ask your Secure Messaging Provider

Secure Messaging Providers include:

Remember, you can use more than one secure messaging provider with your software.

Click here to see which providers/products are conformant with the PIP Digital Health Product Register

Click here for questions to consider when choosing a Secure Messaging Provider

Instructions for using MDExchange + HealthLink with MedicalDirector Clinical

Download our Summary Sheet for using HealthLink with MedicalDirector Clinical

Download instructions for using HealthLink with Genie Solutions

Download instructions for using Medical Objects with Bp Premier

Our goal is to help you streamline practice systems to make this process beneficial to you and your patients. Maximise efficiency of progressive technology with quality training.



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