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  1. Official Government websites are  and
  2. Practice Incentives Program Digital Health Incentive program (ePIP) were changed effective 1 May 2016.
  3. Free eLearning modules for My Health Record now available for various healthcare settings.
  4. My Health Record Statistics 
  5. Legislative Changes – Overview of Timing
  6. When registering patients for a My Health Record in the practice signed registration forms are now optional.
  7. AMA’s Guide to use of PCEHR

Change Management Strategies for Practice Managers – by Katrina Otto & David Schofield –  slides or read the FAQs from the Webinar.

Summary sheet for Uploading Event Summaries in Bp Premier (Lava version)

New (real time) video for Uploading Event Summaries in Bp Premier (Lava version).

Summary sheet for Uploading Event Summaries in MedicalDirector Clinical (v3.16)

Real time video for Uploading Event Summaries in MedicalDirector Clinical (v3.16)

FAQs on Privacy & Policy

My Health Record Statistics  – from My Health Record website 

Health Services Directory – advertising practices connected to the My Health Record system

Provider Portal Factsheet (for providers without conformant clinical software)

Free My Health Record eLearning Modules – Department of Health

Best Practice Software Event Summaries! – watch the YouTube videos to learn how easy it is to upload an event summary in Bp Premier Lava edition

Top 30 questions doctors ask about My Health Record (and Katrina Otto’s responses) – updated December 2017

PHN – Eastern Melbourne – great Digital Health resources and checklists

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