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Digital Health & My Health Record

Digital Health is now fundamental to our future medical practices. Digital Health encompasses many aspects of health related technology including:
Medical Software/Practice Management Software, My Health Record, Secure Messaging, Wearable Technologies and more.

We are here to help you keep up with changes and maximise benefits of available digital technology. Our Digital Health goals for you:My_Health_Record_

  • Important clinical information available for clinicians quickly at the point of care.
  • No more scanning or filing.
  • No more resending or chasing referrals.
  • No more printing letters, faxing or postage costs.
  • Confidential patient correspondence only seen by treating clinicians.
  • Medication, allergies and important medical history available for  your patient at Hospital Emergency Departments or After Hours facilities.
  • Confidential patient correspondence only seen by treating clinicians.
  • Easily meeting the criteria to receive technology related eHealth Practice Incentive Payments.
  • Increased patient safety (including patient verification via technology)
  • Utilisation of a variety of health technology for patient choice and to minimise practice staff workload.

Katrina Otto, Principal of Train IT Medical has delivered Digital Health (eHealth) training to thousands of medical practice staff across Australia since day 1. Consultant Senior Trainer Sue Cummins was an original eHealth Trainer with a Medicare Local specialising in IT setup and process improvements. Let us help gently lead your practice forward in this digital health era.

Book Digital Health (eHealth) training with the experts and prepare your practice for the future.


Providing practice staff with the opportunity to practise as well as have any concerns addressed and questions answered is vital for effective technology change management.

What you can do right now to prepare your team for a digital future:

Shared eHealth Record System (myHealth Record/PCEHR)

  1. Watch the software demonstration to learn how to upload using your clinical software
  2. Download the software-specific ‘cheatsheets’ for easy reference.
  3. Practise in the Sandpit! Click here to access ADHA’s On Demand Training environment where you can practise registering, viewing and uploading to the ‘test’ My Health Record System 

Change can be hard, let us help!

Free Digital Health Resources


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Read Katrina Otto’s article in Pulse IT Magazine’s April 2014 edition – ‘Barriers to PCEHR uptake on the Front Line’

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