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More than 15,000 medical practitioners connect to HealthLink every day

  • Receive Pathology and Radiology reports, Discharge Summaries, Specialist Letters
  • Send eReferrals and Specialist Reports

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Healthlink seamlessly integrates with leading Clinical Software Programs-

Setting up Healthlink with MedicalDirector Clinical
Learn how to send eReferrals with Best Practice using HealthLink
Learn how to send eReferrals in MedicalDirector Software with HealthLink

HealthLink is free for GPs and is an approved supplier of Secure Messaging under the PIP e-Health incentive scheme.

Secure Messaging is an important aspect of Digital Health and will provide our practices with the benefits of:

  • scanning of documents minimised
  • replacing printing, postage stamps or mailing of correspondence
  • trackability of whether correspondence has been received
  • transmitting confidential documents directly from doctor to doctor

Secure Messaging has been successfully working for the past few years – talk to us  about how your practice can start using secure messaging today.

Click here for HealthLink’s website.

Click here to learn more about Digital Health (eHealth)

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