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Cancer Screening:

As at 1 December 2017 the Pap test  has changed to a five yearly  Cervical Screening Test (CST). Here’s a summary of key changes:

  • the Pap smear will be replaced with the Cervical Screening Test (CST)
  • the time between tests will change from two to five years
  • the age at which screening starts will increase from 18 years to 25 years
  • women will be invited when they are due to participate via the National Cancer Screening Register (due 2018)
  • women aged 70 to 74 years will be invited to have an exit test

Download our detailed PowerPoint explaining the changes or ask us for the education video.

Hot off the press:
Here are our brand new cheatsheets showing how CST results will need to be entered into MedicalDirector and Bp Premier in order for you to be able to easily view your patient’s screening history and your practice population screening progress.

  MedicalDirector BP Premier


Enter cervical screening result


Summary Sheet


Summary Sheet

Enter bowel screening result Summary Sheet Summary Sheet
Enter breast screening result Summary Sheet Summary Sheet


BP Premier – Extracting Cancer Screening Metrics – ask us for our specially written SQL queries to assess your patient’s screening history.

Train IT Medical recommended learning resources for the new (1/12/17) Cervical Screening Program:

Cervical Screening PIP Guidelines – 27.11.17
New MBS item numbers
National Cervical Screening Program – Dept of Health – FAQs
Cervical Screening Changes FAQ – Video – Dr Sally Sweeney Hunter New England Central Coast PHN (HNECCPHN)
NPS Information & FAQs
NPS free eLearning
Self-Collection for HPV test – Quick Reference Guide
National Cancer Screening Register – FAQs
National Cervical Screening Program Guidelines – shortform
Cancer Council Australia Cancer Guidelines Wiki
‘Cancer Council study confirms starting cervical cancer screening at age 25 is safe’
Cancer Institute NSW ‘Information for Health Professionals’
Untold Stories – Cervical Cancer Screening – Audio-visual stories (Family Planning NSW). Spoken in Arabic, Assyrian, Dari, French, Hindi, Karen, Khmer, Mandarin, Nepalese & Vietnamese.
‘Changes to cervical screening will benefit Australian women’ RACGP media release
Cancer Screening QI activities – Coordinare 
7 QI ideas for Cancer Screening – Western Sydney PHN
NCPHN Cervical Screening Workshop Presenter Slides – Drs Adendorff, Rattray & Strazarri


Read our previous blog posts on this topic including MedicalDirector and Best Practice cancer screening cheatsheets and resources – Train IT Medical:

Cancer Screening & Prevention – Free Resources


Breast screening – Dept of Health
Bowel screening – Dept of Health


Healthcare Homes & Data

About Health Care Homes
Case Study: Claire’s story
FAQs about Health Care Homes
More Information: Health Care Homes

Healthcare Homes – Shortlisted Applicants
Healthcare Homes – RACGP Standards

Primary Care Practice Improvement Tool (PC-PIT) ‘A quality improvement tool for primary health care’ Crossland, Upham, Janamian and Jackson



Practice Incentive Payment (PIP) re-design – Webcast
Practice Incentive Payments (PIP) re-design – FAQs

Standards for General Practices (5th edition)  RACGP
Standards for General Practices (5th edition) Resource Guide – RACGP
Standards for General Practices (5th edition) Patient Feedback Guide – RACGP

PRODA – eLearning – NB. Once you enter the ‘Doing Business with Medicare’ eLearning  there is a specific module for PRODA


Medical Billing

Item Numbers:

Rules & Exceptions

Training on Medicare Billing

Learn more about your obligations when working with the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)
We can provide a one hour online session to upskill your staff on Medicare billing (including use with your Practice Software).


Privacy & Confidentiality Kiosk

Creating a Privacy Policy f0r your Practice – Office of Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

Privacy Compliance Indicators – download your action list for privacy in medical practices

Checklist for Privacy Reform Compliance – Avant

National Privacy Principles – Australian Government (OAIC) – effective 12 March 2014

Medical Records – “What you absolutely must know” – Avant

Avant webinar on Privacy – Resource list – February 2014

RACGP – Privacy eLearning module

Privacy Management Framework (OAIC)


Practice Management Resources

SMS Communication:
Avant – The Do’s & Don’t of Patient SMS
AMA – Recall systems & patient consent
MD Recommendations for SMS Messaging for Appointments, Recalls & Reminders

Taking photos on a mobile phone


Change Management for Practice Managers – Webinar recording by Katrina Otto & David Schofield 

Change Management for Practice Managers – Webinar PowerPoint Presentation – Katrina Otto & David Schofield

Online Appointments – how to choose a provider – Katrina’s blog post

Online Appointments – RACGP fact sheet

What Healthcare Providers need to know about advertising – AHPRA

     Computer & Information Security Standards – RACGP

     Templates for Computer & Information Security Standards – RACGP

     Accreditation – 4th edition Standards – RACGP

     Immunisation Handbook 10th Edition

     Advertising your health service – 5 ‘do not dos’ (6minutes article). Link to full regulations here.

     Australian Association of Practice Managers (AAPM)

     ‘Can you afford NOT to have a Practice Manager? Brett Macpherson, AAPM Article

“One of the best things a practice can do to minimise risk is to employ a Practice Manager”
Marianna Kelly, Senior Medico-Legal Risk Manager at Avant Mutual Group Ltd

For a practice ‘risk assessment’ – Contact us today


Katrina’s Top 3 Popular Blog Posts for Practice Managers

1. Katrina’s responses to the Top 30 questions doctors ask about My Health Record

2. How to choose an Online Appointment Provider

3. 4 Steps to Secure Messaging Success


Sample Digital Health Policies & Procedures

To help create create customised My Health Record policies for your practice click here for some sample policies.


eLearning Resources for Practice Staff


Looking for software-specific free resources?

MedicalDirector Users – click here.

PracSoft Users – click here.

Best Practice Software Users – click here.

My Health Record free resources


Finding it difficult to keep up with the health IT constant changes?  Solution: Follow Pulse IT.

Up-to-date Health IT information

Up-to-date Health IT information





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