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Onsite & Online

Onsite Training

  • Clinical Staff Session on pre-defined topics eg. what’s new, recalls, pathology management, eHealth
  • One-on-One Sessions with individual staff
  • Administration Team Sessions
  • Lunch hour presentation with the Clinical team

Practice Improvements which will:

  • save you valuable time
  • enhance clinical outcomes and patient care
  • maximise practice income.
  • easily meet accreditation requirements
  • allow an independent assessment of practice processes and improvement suggestions

Ensure your whole team is on the same page by bringing the workshop to you.
Completely customised training content and delivery options.

Online Training and Webinars

Training in the comfort of your own office.        For one stafffmember or the whole team!         Upskill in your lunch hour!

New Staff Orientation

Consider online training for all your new staff! Practice Managers: you have enough orientation for new staff. Let the professional educators do the medical software orientation so you know it’s done properly. We work with you to ensure we train to your high standards and practice protocols. Even the most IT savvy young registrars need training – set good habits from the start.

All you need is your computer, an internet connection and a telephone.

Popular topics include:

  • Recalls & Reminders (including SMS)
  • Improving Data Quality
  • Digital Health & Secure Messaging
  • Templates and letter writing
  • Care Plans and MBS Item numbers.

Or just bring your list of questions/challenges and we will tick those off!

Contact Us to book an online session today.

We create templates and eReferrals

Let the experts help! We know the most advanced tips for maximum efficiency.
We create customised eReferrals and practice templates with both MedicalDirector and Best Practice (Bp Premier) software for you. Become paperless faster!

We can also help your contacts with Secure Messaging adoption too. Let us help save you all time and money!

Online training is perfectly suited for the busy health professional.
Practice-specific questions and issues can be instantly addressed.

Learn how more effective use of your clinical software can:

  • Save time and money
  • Improve patient safety
  • Meet accreditation standards
  • Improve clinical documentation
  • Generate practice incentive payments
  • Improve clinical outcomes
  • Improve data quality
  • Help you keep up with what’s new in our rapidly changing health arena.

Consider a 1 hour online session for all new staff so the expectation of clinical data collection is clear and the potential for database ‘mess’ is minimised due to not quite understanding the programs. Even if staff have used the program for years, there are always recent changes and more to learn. Remember, we don’t know what we don’t know!



What’s the difference between Online Training & Webinars?

Online training is training completely customised for you. Training can be one-on-one, small groups or the entire practice. By using a speakerphone and sharing a computer screen and mouse the sessions become completely interactive. One practice employee commented “It’s just like you are here without taking up any space”. $135 per hour (+ GST). Read more.  Contact Us. 

Webinars (web-based seminars) are one hour structured sessions with multiple attendees usually from multiple practices. Topics are predefined. Read more about Webinars.

Talk to us about Online Training today

How does online training work?  View Online Training Video  | GoToMeeting_Attendee_QuickRef_Guide
Online Training: – Print Attendee QuickRef_Guide for GotoMeeting| View Video |
Webinars: –  Print Attendee QuickRef Guide for GotoWebinar | View Video |

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