We come to you

Ensure your whole team is on the same page by bringing the workshop to you.

Completely customised onsite training content and delivery options.


Let's share screens

Online training is training completely customised for you.

Training can be one-on-one, small groups or the entire practice. 


Created for your audience

Webinars (web-based seminars) are  structured sessions with multiple attendees usually from multiple practices.

Topics are predefined. 

Onsite Training

We work with you on learning priorities & design a learning program for you and your team.

Onsite we can undertake an independent assessment of practice processes and suggest improvements.

Examples of common priority topics:

  • Recalls & Reminders
  • PIP QI
  • Data driven improvements 
  • Pathology management
  • Digital Health
  • Resolving Medicare exceptions
  • Improving clinical documentation

Our extensive experience and expertise means we quickly identify skills and knowledge gaps. 
However we do a lot more than simply train staff. We will help you identify & implement practice Improvements which will:

  • maximise practice income
  • increase medico-legal compliance related to data
  • enhance clinical outcomes and patient care
  • ensure you easily meet accreditation requirements
  • save you precious time

Online Training & Webinars

Katrina Otto Train IT Medical

Consider a 1 hour online session for all new staff so the expectation of clinical data collection is clear and the potential for database ‘mess’ is minimised due to not quite understanding the programs. 

Even if staff have used the program for years, there are always recent changes and more to learn. Remember, we don’t know what we don’t know!

All you need is your computer, an internet connection and a telephone.

We provide training and consulting services for all Practice Staff, focused on improving practice efficiency, saving time, saving you money and minimising risk using available technology.

Train with our friendly, professional, degree qualified adult educators  who understand the challenges of the modern medical practice.

Popular focus topics include:

  • Recalls & Reminders (including SMS)
  • Improving Data Quality
  • Digital Health & Secure Messaging
  • Templates and letter writing
  • Care Plans and MBS Item numbers.

Same hourly rate applies whether 1 staff member or 10 attend online training with us.


As professional educators and practice experts we can quickly identify skills and knowledge gaps and work to fill them with a contextualised approach.

No training?


Trained by other staff?

“I didn’t know that’s how the software worked” is one of the most common comments we hear, and often from those who have already been using the software programs for a number of years.

Making your life  a little bit easier is our business priority.

Get training from the experts and we’ll share technology tips only the trainers know. 

Our training is recommended by indemnifiers, peak bodies & hundreds of  doctors and support staff. 

Ensuring your staff are using your medical software programs to   the full extent of the features available, will not only save you time and money but give you peace of mind.


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