CSIRO led, Dept of Health funded, 5 part project.

Project Brief - Improve patients' electronic health records in primary care health services

Maintaining high-quality health records has benefits for patients, healthcare providers, health services and the wider community.

CSIRO was commissioned by the Federal Department of Health to undertake a series of projects collaborating with healthcare professionals, primary health software vendors, the Australian Digital Health Agency, the Australian Institute of Heath and Welfare (AIHW) and HL7 Australia to define data standards in primary care to do the following:

  • enhance the usefulness of information in patient records;
  • improve interoperability of health information so it can be shared between healthcare providers and organisations involved in a patient’s care;
  • support better healthcare outcomes for patients.


Our Challenge

Support healthcare providers better understand the benefits of recording and maintaining high quality data in their clinical information systems by developing a training program and supporting materials.

Education developed and delivered with input from key stakeholders.

Aim & Objectives

  • Increase awareness of how improvements can be made to the quality of data in patients’ electronic health records.
  • Increase understanding of the most important clinical data in the patient’s record that is needed for co-ordinating patient care with other healthcare providers.
  • Improve the amount of structured and coded information being entered by health services.


Customised learning resources were created with continual engagement with peak bodies, many Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations, Primary Health Networks, Clinical Leads and Practice Manager colleagues. 

112 learning resources were created as part of this project suitable for a multi-modal, blended learning approach. 

Read our detailed Project Consultancy report

Sample of 3/112 resources created:

  1. Bp Premier Learning Workbook
  2. Communicare Learning Workbook
  3. MedicalDirector Learning Workbook

Delivery of Training

Online modules were created as part of this project however delivery of training was not in scope. To facilitate delivery post-project however, Train IT Medical did develop a Learning Management System. This was designed both for online learning modules and also as a way to facilitate sharing of the varied learning resources created as part of this project.

Access all Train the Trainer materials and Online Training here. 

In addition there has been ongoing collaboration to embed core common coded data training into primary care by multiple means. This includes ongoing collaboration with software vendors and peak bodies via providing training sessions and collaboration in design and delivery of multi-modal training. 


Train IT Medical worked with the Australian Practice Nurses Association (APNA) as part of this project and APNA now has a dedicated webpage ‘Primary Care Data Quality Foundations’.

APNA also utilised the educational materials to create nurse-specific online training.  Access APNA ‘Improving Data Quality’ eLearning here.


Train IT Medical worked closely with MedicalDirector to create additional role-specific videos which MedicalDirector is now hosting on their website along with learning videos and summary sheets created as part of the project. They will direct new and existing software users to this learning.

MedicalDirector additional resources

Train IT Medical created an online Learning Management Solution (LMS) to host the eLearning modules and train the trainer resources created as part of this project.

Train IT Medical online courses including CSIRO project materials.

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