A digital initiative to improve Pap Test Screening in NSW using clinical software tools and an innovative approach to training delivery

Project Aims

Cancer Institute NSW were developing an electronic reminder service to improve Pap Test rates in eligible women and wanted an online learning program to supplement the program rollout and improve understanding amongst practice staff about how to use this new service.

To develop and deliver an online learning program for the electronic Pap test reminder service implemented in 2015.

To improve cervical cancer screening rates in eligible women.

To increase the focus on preventative health and how this can be aided through the use of technology.

Our Challenge

To develop engaging online learning content in modular format to meet the needs of a range of healthcare providers and staff members using multiple different clinical software systems.

To make use of the existing secure messaging and recall and reminder functionality in the clinical software to implement a comprehensive process for management of routine patient reminders for screening.

The Response

Using a Learning Management System (LMS) to track usage and deliver functional modules, Train IT Medical were able to deliver an innovative set of 5 modules to train staff on using the recall and reminder system to process reminders for patients with overdue Pap tests.

The learning program was supplemented with a full set of downloadable resources to enhance understanding and cater for different learning styles.


Over 120 practice staff across NSW completed the online learning modules in a 12 month period.

Feedback from all stakeholders (learners and the Cancer Institute) was extremely positive.

Learners required no direct assistance to use the LMS, follow the modules or download materials.

One support call placed in 12 month period. This was a Windows display issue.

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