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Learning is a process not an event

Learning is a process not a single event. That’s what we say regularly at Train IT Medical. Adult learners really need a multi-faceted, ongoing approach to continual learning.

Employees who receive training are significantly more productive than those who don’t receive training.

“A recent survey indicates that 40 per cent of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year. They cite the lack of skills training …”
We also find, in the medical office, insufficient training can actually be dangerous.

Providing training for all practice staff is vital if we want to progress, achieve and maintain high performing, safe practices. Regular training is also an Australian general practice standard.

The only constant is change
There are a lot of major changes happening in our industry at the moment for practice staff. How are you providing training and support in areas such as medical software, digital health, privacy, sms and email contact, collecting informed consent, new accreditation standards, new Practice Incentive Payment requirements and even the emerging model of Health Care Homes? How do you support your staff to not only keep up but keep improving?

PHN Case Study

North Queensland PHN showed how it’s done last week when we began stage 1 of a 6 stage training plan using a blended learning approach.

Stage 1:
Face-to-face training: 8 workshops (MedicalDirector Clinical & PracSoft & Best Practice Software) delivered over 4 days in Mackay & Townsville (June). From basic to advanced, these workshops provided both theoretical and technical skills gap training.

Stage 2:  
Comprehensive eLearning materials supplied to practices to promote self-paced skill development and reinforce key concepts.

Stage 3: (June)
eCoaching sessions with Train IT Medical Consultants Katrina or Sue for individual practices to further refine and support practice-specific improvements. Practices value eCoaching and often choose to focus on topics of relevance to them such as recalls & reminders, chronic condition management, maximising revenue, minimising Medicare exceptions etc.




Stage 4:
Pre-conference full day workshop [July in Cairns] to be co-delivered by one of Australia’s leading software and practice nurse educators Marg Windsor (DARTA Medical) with Katrina Otto.

Katrina will also be presenting 4 sessions on progressive technology & practice management at the 2 day NQPHN conference including
‘New technology – the implications and managing the risks’  with expert Avant Mutual Risk Manager, Marianna Kelly. See conference program.



Stage 5: Post-July
Webinars to be held monthly (on a variety of progressive topics) where all FNQ practices can attend and continue the learning online together.
Download our flyer listing our 50 main Webinar topics.

Stage 6:
Clinician face-to-face group training focused on improving use of clinical software and data for business and clinical improvements.

It is a great plan, providing wonderful support for our North Queensland and Torres Strait Island practices who are geographically diverse, in very hard-to-reach (but beautiful) locations in Australia.

Training is a process not an event.   Let’s embrace change and educate well for improvements sake!


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