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BP Software – Care Plans (with Marg Windsor, RN)

WEBINAR: Care Plans using Best Practice Software

This Webinar will be presented by Margaret Windsor from DARTA Medical.  Margaret is a Registered Nurse with decades of experience in General Practice as well as being one of Australia’s most experienced medical software trainers. Marg is a true expert when it comes to Care Plans and her presentations, tips and shortcuts are renowned!  Don’t miss out on this one – reserve your spot now.


In this Webinar we will learn the easiest ways to create quality, patient centred, care plans using Best Practice.

Learning Objectives:

1. Create a systematic practice team approach to care plans.
2. Learn tips for quickly updating patient health summaries.
3. Explore the two options for creating Care Plans – EPC section versus Templates in Letters.
4. Import a Care Plan Template.
5. Modify a Care Plan Template to include review columns.
6. Create and use Autofill Shortcuts to minimise typing.
7. Use EPC section to create Care Plans.
8. Create your own chronic condition templates for use in EPC section of Best Practice.
9. Modify tasks lists for use in EPC section.
10. Import templates for use in EPC section.

What do you need to attend?

  • a computer with internet access
  • telephone (preferably speakerphone if multiple staff attending) or computer headset and microphone
  • an email address to receive the link to logon to the Webinar

What is the fee?

  • $80 +GST.  As many staff as you like per practice (or Medicare Local) can attend for this one fee.

What do you receive for the fee?

  • Unlimited attendance per site.
  • Live Q & A towards end of session
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Sample protocols/Handy ‘cheatsheets’/summary notes on key areas.
  • Certificates of attendance (on emailed request with list of attendees full names)

Who should attend?

Highly recommended for all clinical staff involved with care plans.


Register your interest today by emailing [email protected] or call Katrina on 0424 580 286.




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