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BP Software – eHealth & Recalls

WEBINAR – eHealth, Recalls and Electronic Document Management

Eventbrite - BP Software - eHealth, Recalls & Electronic Document Management
In this Webinar we will cover eHealth related software changes and discuss practice process improvements for patient follow-up and document management.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore functionality changes in Best Practice related to eHealth.
  2. Implement patient follow-up processes for eDischarge Summaries, Event Summaries, eSpecialist Letters and eReferrals.
  3. Design a ‘Recall and Reminder System’.
  4. Track contact for clinically significant recalls.
  5. Update patients’ health summaries from Inbox.
  6. Add patient recalls and reminders from Inbox.
  7. Develop an understanding of BP features relevant to ePIP requirements.
  8. Discuss the options of scanning directly into the Inbox versus Patient Record.

What do you need to attend?

  • a computer with internet access
  • telephone (preferably speakerphone if multiple staff attending) or computer headset and microphone
  • an email address to receive the link to logon to the Webinar

What do you receive for the fee?

  • Unlimited attendance per practice for the one fee
  • Q & A towards end of session
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Sample protocols/Handy ‘cheatsheets’/summary notes on key areas.
  • Certificates of attendance (on emailed request with list of attendees full names)

Who should attend?

Highly recommended for all practice staff as eHealth will directly impact both clinical and administrative staff.

How do I register and connect to the Webinar?

  1. CLICK AND REGISTER (click on either of the blue buttons at the top or bottom of this page)
  2. ORDER NOW. Quantity = 1 as there is only one fee for unlimited staff per site.
  3. CHECKOUT WITH PAYPAL (from the next  ‘Eventbrite’ booking screen)

if you don’t want to pay online, email your full details to and we will send you an invoice.

Once registered with Eventbrite you will then be sent an email from GotoWebinar and once you have confirmed your name and email you will be sent a link which connects you to the Webinar. Here is some more information on how Webinars work:

Webinar Attendee Quick Reference Guide or View Webinar Attendees Quickstart Video

Regular Webinars will be scheduled for a wide variety of topics on multiple medical software programs

Testimonials from Webinar attendees:

“There was a chorus of ‘That was excellent’ from all 7 attendees as soon as we hung up.”

“Thankyou for the great presentation. Once again some useful tips. Some good revision as well. I look forward to the next presentation.”

“Another fantastic Webinar presentation. Very informative.”

“The Webinar was excellent. Thank you.”

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Places are limited so book your Webinar today:
Eventbrite - BP Software - eHealth, Recalls & Electronic Document Management

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