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Online Appointments

Free Resources – In case you missed them

In this blog we are highlighting the many free resources we have developed with our customers in mind.

We know from the feedback we receive that our educational resources are highly valued and regarded by many of you as a source of learning and expertise that is unavailable elsewhere.  We aim to keep making resources available for free for you for as long as possible.

Just in case you have missed some of our recent and most popular… Continue reading

Online Appointments

Do you want the Practice-centric or Patient-centric option? Why not aim for both?

As a Practice Management Consultant and Software Trainer I actively look for ways to save practices time and money. It is my job to introduce new and innovative health IT to improve efficiencies in the practice. Therefore I have been gently introducing the idea of online appointments for many years. Over this time much has been written about online appointments. Essentially we have always had… Continue reading

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