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Putting heart into systematic, preventive health care.

Tamworth, September 2019:

I was picked up at Tamworth airport and driven to my hotel by a professional driver, a lovely guy, aged probably in his early 30’s. We chatted and he asked me why I was visiting his town. When I told him Hunter New England has the highest incidence of preventable deaths from heart disease in NSW and myself and many health professionals were all there to work together to try to change that – to ‘Save 2000… Continue reading

PIP QI Free Resources from Katrina Otto

The new Practice Incentives Program: Quality Improvement – PIPQI starts today – 1 August 2019! Read official details from the Department of Health here.

Train IT Medical Principal Katrina Otto has now delivered 11 workshops on PIP QI for 385 GPs, nurses, practice managers, PHN and practice support staff across Australia so we’ve heard plenty of questions and have plenty of answers for you. We’ve continually improved our presentations based on some surprising findings when delivering the workshops (more… Continue reading

What is PIPQI starting 1 August and what does it mean for clinics? Q & A with Katrina Otto

Reblogged from HotDoc 15 July 2019

PIPQI stands for the ‘Practice Incentive Program – Quality Improvement’. It’s an incentive payment given to general practices once a quarter for demonstrating that they are providing continuous quality care. The incentive commences August 1, 2019, with the first quarterly payment being issued November 1. 

There has been a lot of talk about what exactly the new PIPQI is and what this means for practices. To clear up some of the confusion, we… Continue reading

Why practice management needs a systematic approach.

Reblogged from MedicalDirector NewsHub 24 May 2019

Ever wondered how some medical practices handle staff handovers, business growth and big changes in management with relative ease? According to digital health, practice management and medical software expert, Katrina Otto, it all comes down to having the right systems and processes.

“Without systems, there’s chaos,” Katrina says. “That’s why a systematic approach is essential to good practice management and preventative health care. This is further evident in the RACGP standards,… Continue reading

Is your practice care-plan ready?

Reblogged from 15 May 2019

There’s been a lot of industry talk lately about how pending MBS changes will require patients to register with a practice in order to build chronic disease care plans for them. We spoke with digital health, practice management and medical software expert, Katrina Otto, to uncover some smart, patient-centric ways medical practices can boost patient registration in order to enable better continuity of care.

Continuity of care and care plans

According to MedicalDirector’s latest … Continue reading

MyHR: now for something completely different

Reblogged from Pulse+IT, Kate McDonald 10 May 2019

Up-to-date Health IT information

Most of Pulse+IT’s readers don’t need to be reminded that the My Health Record has come in for some pretty harsh criticism over the last seven years, quite a bit of it emanating from us. In that time there has been a lot to criticise but it’s also fair to say there are loads of true believers out there who have held firm, hoping even in the… Continue reading

American Healthcare: Are we that different?

Katrina Otto, Managing Director & Owner of Train IT Medical, undertook an independent study tour in the United States. She found valuable learnings in relation to both technology use and team based care.

Part 1 – excerpt published in Australian Practice Nurses Association (APNA) ‘Primary Times’, April 2019.

For my 3 week independent US study tour, I was exploring US ‘patient-centred care’ reforms in the US and how technology is being used to support different models of care. What I… Continue reading

Advance Care Planning & Technology

It’s National Advance Care Planning Week (1-5 April, 2019) and in our training, we talk about how you can now upload an Advance Care Plan to My Health Record which means, hopefully, the patient’s wishes will be easily accessible when needed.

We are often asked the following questions in regard to Advance Care Plans:

  1. Why don’t healthcare providers have Advance Care Plans on their list of My Health Record documents in the clinical software like Event Summaries & Shared Health… Continue reading

Spotlight on Success – Military Psychiatry

I am fortunate to work with some absolute heroes in Australian health and one of my 2019 goals is to share success stories from the coalface with you.

My spotlight this week is on Dr Grahame Pohlen, (Psychiatrist) and his wonderful wife ‘Sister Marie’. I have worked with this most amazing couple for over 10 years and they have just retired. I could not let this occasion pass without a shout out of appreciation to them for their extraordinary contribution… Continue reading

Christmas 2018 blog

Merry Christmas & Reflections on 2018

As I prepare for my 56th flight of the year to return home for a Christmas break I reflect on the reasons why 2018 has been one of my favourite years in this 12th year of running my business. For me the reason is the connection to people.

No doubt the  reason I am feeling even more connected to people this year is because we did more consulting, more in-practice and online customised… Continue reading

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