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Allied Health – Free Resources

In case you missed it – Train IT Medical have been working closely with Allied Health Professions Australia (AHPA) and providing free digital health education.  To date in 2017 we have run 4 webinars which were attended by over 750 allied health professionals.  These live webinars were recorded and are freely available for you to watch from  as well as my own website where I have created a dedicated page of Free Resources > Allied Health

Topics we have covered so far are:

1. Medical Software

         Overview of allied health software currently available and main features.

2. Clinical Notetaking: Timesaving Tips 

3. Contacts, Referrals & Secure Messaging

4.Digital Health & My Health Record


Spotlight on Occupational Therapy

As some of you may know my sister, Brooke Colburn, is a well-respected Occupational Therapist with 30 years’ experience working both in Australia and America. In this Allied Health series, I accompanied Brooke on a home visit to see firsthand how she integrates digital health in a rehabilitation setting. As Brooke says, there can be significant risk using computers in a physical, rehabilitation environment “If I take my eyes of my patient they could fall and get seriously hurt”.

Brooke (and her lovely patient) kindly allowed me to interview and video. In these videos Brooke shares her story of how she found, by using a positive and creative approach, health IT can bring enormous benefits and enhance patient care.  After 27 years handwriting her clinical notes, it took Brooke just 3 months to transition to electronic records. Now Brooke says  she would never go back to handwriting notes.

VIDEOS: Knowing how time poor you all are, I broke the full 14 minute recording into a variety of lengths and focus topics including:

Interview Q: Why use computers instead of handwriting notes? (1min:20sec)
Interview Q: How does electronically sharing information benefit your patient? (55 sec)
Video: Uploading an Event Summary in a patient consultation (47 sec)
Video: Viewing a patient’s My Health Record (discharge summary & shared health summary) in a patient consultation (29 sec)
Demo & Interview: Watch full version of home visit and interview (14 mins)


Thanks to all 22 Allied Health Professional Associations (especially Optometry Australia & Occupational Therapy Australia) for helping share the digital health message.

Thanks to the many Allied Health software vendors (35 and counting) for responding to our requests for information (and my constant requests for My Health Record integration).

Thanks to AHPA who remain very committed to supporting their members on the digital health journey. Check out their fabulous new website and keep an eye out for our next Webinar.


Next free Webinar: National Health Services Directory (NHSD)

In our next free webinar (kindly brought to you free by AHPA) we will learn how to use the NHSD to build access to and awareness of the fabulous services you offer. Date to be advised very soon and the recording will be freely available to you all after the live Webinar.

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Next blog: More Free Resources, Cancer Screening, Healthcare Homes and more.

With best wishes
Katrina Otto, Principal, Train IT Medical Pty Ltd




Disclaimer: Please note I am an independent trainer and Practice Management Consultant with my own Practice Management Consultancy & health IT training business – Train IT Medical. While I am an approved trainer for the Australian Digital Health Agency, MedicalDirector, Best Practice Software, Avant Mutual Group, AHPRA, Tyro, AAPM and others, and regularly present education sessions for or with these organisations, I do not sell any software and feedback and opinions expressed here are always my own.

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