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Practice Management

Patient records are precious! Now is the time to to re-evaluate your current practice systems especially in relation to:

Practice Managers, medical, medical software, eHealth, MD, Best Practice

  • Results/Document Management Systems
  • Recalls and Reminders
  • Digital Health
  • ‘Paperless Practice’ Options

We can help you create solid team-based practice systems that you can rely on to protect you and your patients and easily meet accreditation standards.
Train IT Medical clients are the best practices in Australia. Award winning practices with innovative, quality approaches improving patient care and increasing job satisfaction for staff.

We know what works well and what doesn’t so let us save you some valuable time.

Whatever software you use, now is the ideal time to re-evaluate and improve.

Be risk-savvy!

Are your electronic records and Practice ‘Systems’ protecting your patients and your doctors?medical, insurance, medico-legal, medical software

Following up clinically significant results is there anything more important in your medical practice?

If doctors don’t trust the systems and software processes, they won’t use it – won’t feel protected.

Designing an effective electronic Record Management and Recall System is not that easy unless you are a software expert. It is one our areas of expertise and probably the most common workshop topic ever requested. This is too important to not guarantee success.


Receptionist Training

Quality training is a vital. It is also a key accreditation requirement.

Let us take some of the training load off you! With decades of medical practice experience ourselves as well as training experience and qualifications, we can quickly identify skills gaps and work with your staff to build competence and confidence.

Read more about Receptionist training and extra Practice Management Services

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