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My Health Record – your questions answered

Thanks to everyone who attended my 7 April Webinar on My Health Record. I thought maybe 20-40 practice staff would participate but ended up with 545 registrations and am told My_Health_Record_outlinemore than 700 watched from across Australia! It would seem all states & territories and most health disciplines were represented which is just fantastic.  I apologise for not being able to answer questions instantly during the Webinar but I have now collated the questions posted during the Webinar so click here to access the questions and my responses.

Your challenges – the Research is in!

I also sent a post-Webinar survey to all attendees asking the main challenge/s using My Health Record in daily practice. As I wasn’t expecting such a large audience it was quite accidental ‘research’ really but absolutely valid & truly helpful information so thank you to everyone who responded.

Your responses to the survey absolutely validated what I have found when training eHealth/Digital Health across Australia for the past few years but there is nothing like statistics to validate anecdotal research so I am very grateful to you all for your fabulous contribution. Keep sending me your feedback as I know some brilliant academics who are researchers in this field and I will share the challenges and comments (de-identified of course) as they will be able to collate and analyse to maximise learnings.

My quick snapshot of results listed in order of  common responses:

What are your main challenge/s?

1 GPs uploading health summaries “Convincing other medical practitioners to do it when the
incentive goes to the practice” GP
My Specialist practice is fully eHealth ready but we
find patients’ PCEHRs empty.” Specialist
2 Registering patients “Staff time”
“Getting patients to understand the process”
“No funding for consumer advertising”
“No private area to register patients”
“Understanding whether patients want one”
3 Privacy & security concerns “Patient confidence that their records are being
maintained in confidence…. who can access their records?
“What exactly can patients access”
4 Training “Accessing adequate and informative training &
time to train all the staff”
5 Data Quality “Currently the clinical data is a mess..…I am really
afraid that there is no effort/incentive to change practices’
culture in improving and sharing data.”
“Data quality is without doubt our number 1 challenge”
“One GP has put every reason for visit in the past history
list for the last 20 years! There’s a lot of cleaning up to do”
6 Time/Extra work “Getting set up, informing patients, curating an up-to-date
health summary and answering patient’s questions.”
7 Change Management “Trying to get GPs to change their ways”
“Getting staff to use any new technology is hard”.
8 Meeting requirements for ePIP

Thank you so much for all your feedback and emails received since the Webinar. I just love this comment from Jane:

“Although we have heard of this for years now there is still a large ignorance amongst the public and even providers regarding the subject. Doctors either show a lot of interest or literally glaze over into a sort of coma when discussion arises”

Here’s a link to my Webinar PowerPoint slides from the Webinar (no audio sorry)  + more learning resources for My Health Record.

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Look out for the national communication and education campaign coming soon!
Practices will also soon receive some consumer-oriented brochures to share with patients and we have a national eLearning program available within weeks.

I am having a little holiday but once back and refreshed will be providing further education and hope to connect with you again very soon.

With best wishes

Katrina Otto

Disclaimer: Please note I am an independent trainer and Practice Management Consultant with my own Practice Management Consultancy & health IT training business – Train IT Medical. While I am an approved trainer for MedicalDirector, Best Practice Software, Nehta, Avant Mutual Group, AHPRA, Pen CAT and Tyro Payments and regularly present education sessions on behalf of organisations, the feedback and opinions expressed herein are my own.






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