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Event Summaries & The My Health Record System

I wanted to share with you my latest Webinar recording on the topic of ‘Event Summaries’ –  Click here to watch or view PowerPoint slides here.

I was asked to host this Webinar for the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) and the Australian Association of Practice Managers (AAPM) and it covers the different uses for Event Summaries versus Shared Health Summaries with Australia’s My Health Record system.  Thanks to the 500+ people who… Continue reading

My Health Record – your questions answered

Thanks to everyone who attended my 7 April Webinar on My Health Record. I thought maybe 20-40 practice staff would participate but ended up with 545 registrations and am told more than 700 watched from across Australia! It would seem all states & territories and most health disciplines were represented which is just fantastic.  I apologise for not being able to answer questions instantly during the Webinar but I have now… Continue reading

Katrina’s responses to ‘Top 30 questions doctors ask about My Health Record’

From training thousands of clinicians working in a wide variety of healthcare settings across Australia (over the past 3+ years) I have compiled this list of the ‘Top 30 questions’ (& barriers) I encounter when training My Health Record. I am sharing it in the hope it helps others – especially Practice Managers and PHN support staff – who are tasked with an enormous change-management challenge when it comes to Digital Health.

After 26 years working in healthcare I… Continue reading

Top 30 questions doctors ask about ‘My Health Record’

For successful change management within a medical practice all staff, especially clinicians, need the opportunity to express any concerns and have their questions answered satisfactorily. In my opinion Digital Health (previously called eHealth) is the biggest change we have ever seen in healthcare and therefore an enormous challenge requiring significant support.

As a software trainer I have been training Digital Health and in particular the shared electronic health record (now called My Health Record) since the first button… Continue reading

Christmas Blog

Welcome to the Christmas issue of the Train IT Medical blog.

As we near the end of 2015, we thought we’d share some of the work we have been involved in and our plans for 2016.




  • Trained 2,535 people
  • Designed and delivered 55 workshops
  • Presented at 16 conferences
  • Trained in every capital city of Australia
  • Provided onsite training in 26 country towns
  • Trained for Medicare Locals & more recently Primary Health Networks… Continue reading

4 Steps to Secure Messaging Success

Tips to improve the use of Secure Messaging at your practice

Have we achieved functioning interoperability yet?   NO Can we move forward without it?   YES

Secure Messaging is a system that enables secure communication of clinical correspondence between health professionals. General email is not secure enough for clinical documents and secure messaging enables letters and documents to be sent point to point which means letters or referrals are encrypted and sent directly to the recipient and… Continue reading

Online Appointments

Do you want the Practice-centric or Patient-centric option? Why not aim for both?

As a Practice Management Consultant and Software Trainer I actively look for ways to save practices time and money. It is my job to introduce new and innovative health IT to improve efficiencies in the practice. Therefore I have been gently introducing the idea of online appointments for many years. Over this time much has been written about online appointments. Essentially we have always had… Continue reading

The New eHealth Sandpit

Help prepare your practices for the next round of changes to the Practice Incentives Program eHealth Incentive (ePIP)

Do you have a patient in your medical software called Test Test? Most medical practices do. This is important when first learning software. When I started eHealth training more than 3 years ago I found doctors and staff in practices wanting a ‘test’ patient to practise the new process and to build confidence (before having to upload for… Continue reading

Reflections on 2014. Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Welcome 2015. I hope it is a wonderful year for you all.

2014 was a huge year for Train IT Medical. Another wonderful year of travelling this beautiful country meeting the most amazing, inspirational people. Those who know me well know I like my social media. The only problem is I have to stop myself – stop myself from constantly gushing “I just met the most amazing doctor (or Practice Manager, Nurse, Social Worker … Continue reading

Free 15 minute live Webinar, Prize winner + more!

I love it when I get to give away free things! Here’s one for Medical Director Users. A free 15 minute Webinar where I will show you how to get the most out of this new interactive, visual patient education tool from Heathshare (one of the very cool widgets found in the MD sidebar). This product ticks my checklist for practice & education efficiency ie:

1) provides visual education to reinforce learning for our… Continue reading

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